Terms and conditions of the online store "Piramida"





         I.            INFORMATION ABOUT THE STORE

1.       The owner and personal data controller is Teofilów S.A. with registered office in Łódź

 (91-211) at Szparagowa Street 6/8, entered into National Court Register kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in the city of Łódź, 19th Economic Division of the National Court Register under the number 0000007187.

2.       TIN: 724 000 45 73;

3.       REGON: 470741703;

4.       phone numbers: +48 785 998 831, +48 785 998 832;

5.       e-mail address: teonet@teofilow.com.pl;

6.       bank account number:

           Alior Bank S.A.   46 2490 0005 0000 4530 2847 9618


7.       All correspondence including statements on the concluded sales agreements (such as reports on the product’s lack of conformity with provisions of the agreement  and withdrawals from the sales agreement) and returns of goods ought to be directed to the following address Teofilów S.A. with registered office in Łódź (91-211) at Szparagowa Street 6/8


       II.            GENERAL INFORMATION

1.       Hereby Terms and Conditions shall regulate the legal relationship between the entrepreneur, specified in point I, and consumers who conclude a distance agreement by means of online store ztkteofilowpiramida.pl. In case of purchases made at the mentioned online store by the entrepreneur, general civil law provisions shall be deemed applicable, except for specific rules concerning consumers.

2.       Acknowledging hereby Terms and Conditions and accepting provisions stated herein constitutes the prerequisite to use the online store.

3.       None of the provisions of hereby Terms and Regulations are aimed at:

- limiting or excluding consumer’s rights that result from the mandatory provisions of law;

- establishing both rights and responsibilities of consumer that would be contrary with the accepted principles of morality;

- violating consumer’s interests.




1.       The Store uses cookies and thus collects information related to the use of ztkteofilowpiramida.pl website by Ordering Parties. Such information shall be collected in order to:

·         remember the login data of the Ordering Party and other data related therewith;

·         maintain the Ordering Party’s visiting session,

·         develop statistics regarding entrances to the Store’s website;

·         continue adjusting the Store’s website to preferences amongst the Ordering Parties.


2.       The Ordering Party can change settings regarding cookies at any time – including conditions of storing and obtaining access by cookies to the Ordering Party’s equipment by means of Internet browser or by using the configuration service.


3.       If is forbidden to send contents that violate the provisions of law, good name of third persons and the accepted principles of morality.



   IV.            PRIVACY POLICY

1.       Hereby Privacy Policy is complaint with the provisions resulting from Article 13 (1) and (2) of the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 of 27th April 2016, in short RODO.

2.       We highly respect your privacy and wish to ensure that it is not violated in any way. Therefore, we developed numerous principles that we adhere to while selling our fabrics online.

3.       All personal data provided while executing the order shall be processed by the entrepreneur specified in point I of hereby Terms and Conditions.

4.       Upon making a purchase at the Store, the Ordering Party shall consent to have the personal data processed solely for the purpose of executing the order.

5.       During the execution of order, the Customer’s personal data (that is – name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail address) shall be made available to the delivery company commissioned with delivering the ordered goods to the Customer.

6.       The Store shall transfer neither personal data nor e-mail addresses of the Ordering Parties to any other parties for marketing purposes or any other purposes not related to the placed order.

7.       Processing of your personal data is conducted pursuant to Article 6 of RODO and for marketing purposes.

8.       Processing of personal data of the users of the website is performed in order to properly fulfill the agreements concluded on the on-line store at www.ztkteofilowpiramida.pl. Such data shall be necessary in particular to: register on the Site, conclude an agreement, make billing, deliver the ordered goods, exercise any consumer rights (e.g., withdrawal from the contract, warranty).

9.       Personal Data Controller hereby refers to legally legitimate interest, which consists of website web analytics, traffic analysis, etc.

10.   A person who uses the Store’s website can give consent to receive a newsletter at the specified e-mail address. Information about new promotions available at the store shall be distributed only at the e-mail addresses of persons who agreed to receive the newsletter. One can unsubscribe from the newsletter list at any time or send an e-mail to us that notifies one’s resignation.

11.   Upon logging in, the Customer shall have access to personal data saved at the store at any time. The Customer can change the personal data as well as ask the store’s services staff to have the account completely deleted.

12.   Your personal data will be stored for a period of 5 years until the full use of marketing opportunities and analysis of data needed to conduct business or until you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data.

13.   Please note that each user has the right to:

- withdraw consent at any time. Personal data will be processed until its withdrawal.

- obtain access to one's personal data, rectify, erase or restrict processing of data, and to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.

14.   Data shall be used for marketing profiling with the use of Google Analytics,                            Facebook, Instagram. In case you oppose the profiling - please use the browser settings. In case of any questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact the Personal Data Controller or the Personal Data Protection Officer.

15.   We use analytical tools, such as Google Analytics. Therefore, by accepting our terms and conditions you agree to the processing of personal data by ZTK Teofilów S.A., with registered office in Łódź at ul. Szparagowa 6/8 for marketing purposes. Provision of your personal data is voluntary and processing is based on your approval. Data recipients constitute Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram.

16.   The Seller can contact the Customer in order to confirm the order, contact details or provisions resulting from the comments made to the order.


     V.            STORE’S OFFER

1.       Information about the products (including their availability) do not constitute offer in the meaning of the Polish Civil Code but serve as an invitation to conclude a sales agreement.

2.       The presented prices shall be expressed in Polish zloty and include VAT tax. However, they do not include costs of shipment that are added as a separate position within the shopping cart. Information about the price of shipment shall be specified before concluding the sales agreement.

3.       Minimal amount cannot be lower than 1m, that is 100cm.

4.       We execute only nationwide orders across Poland.



1.       Orders can be placed by electronic means with the use of an order form (cart) that can be found at the Store’s website.

2.       In order to initiate the purchase procedure by means of www.ztkteofilowpiramida.pl website, the Ordering Party ought to:

1) select the goods by using the “Add to cart” option. Afterwards, proceed by means of the online form provided by the Store:

- specify data necessary in order to execute the order;

- confirm and accept the Terms and Conditions on sales at ztkteofilowpiramida.pl Internet store

- select the preferred form of delivery;

- select the form of payment;

- send the filled-in form.


3.       After sending the order, the Ordering Party shall receive confirmation specifying the crucial traits of the placed order and information about the products’ availability. This confirmation does not constitute conclusion of sales agreement. It is used in order to validate correctness of contact details.

4.       After verifying both the order and availability of products, the Seller shall provide the Ordering Party with final confirmation of accepting the order for processing. It shall be tantamount with submitting a statement of conclusion of sales agreement by the Seller.

5.       The Store shall take every effort in order to ensure that the information about product availability is always up to date. The Store shall reserve the right to decline concluding the sales agreement after the order is placed in case the particular product becomes unavailable in the Store’s warehouse or warehouses of its vendors. However, such occurrences are rare. Nonetheless, they can take place due to the specificity of the online store and the order placing process (especially the possibility of placing an order simultaneously by numerous persons).

6.       If the Ordering Party made the payment upon placing an order but the order cannot be executed by the Seller, the Store shall ensure to return the paid amount immediately after the Ordering Party indicates either the bank account or by any other preferred means of returning the payment.

7.       The Order can be cancelled by the Customer until the final confirmation of accepting for processing is sent. Afterwards, cancellation shall be possible only upon prior agreement with the Store, provided that the order shall not be sent to the Ordering Party.

8.       For each executed order, the Store shall attached a receipt or – upon the Ordering Party’s request – VAT invoice.

9.       Information on the costs of shipment and form of payment shall be available at the store in information tabs. Selection of available means of shipment and payment, including any related costs, shall be made at the appropriate field of the order form (at the online store). Due to the fact that we do not provide transport and delivery services, the costs of delivery and product packaging shall be added to the price of the product at the proof of purchase (receipt). 


  VII.            PAYMENTS

1.       The Customer ought to make payments before the product is issued by means of bank transfer at the account:

Alior Bank S.A.   46 2490 0005 0000 4530 2847 9618

Teofilów S.A. 91-211 Łódź, Szparagowa Street 6/8

at the transfer title, the Customer ought to provide the following data:

- name and surname or Customer’s company name,

- Order code.

- information whether the customer whishes to receive either an invoice or a receipt.

        or through the PAYU online payments system.

2.       In case the payment for the order shall be lower than the amount specified within the order, the Seller shall notify the Customer about the necessity of making an additional payment. The Order shall be sent after the additional payment is booked pursuant to the abovementioned principles.

3.       In case the payment for the order shall be higher than the amount specified within the order, the Seller shall notify the Customer about such situation with a request to specify the bank account number in order to return the overpayment. The Overpayment shall be returned immediately, no later than within 72 hours from receiving the bank account number from the Customer.

4.       While conducting the payment, it is recommended for the Customer to specify the order number – lack of such information might result in delays in executing the order.

5.       Lack of payment within 4 days will result in automatic cancellation of order.



1.       The order execution time declared by the Seller shall be counted from the day the Store confirms the order for processing (from the day of conclusion of the agreement).

2.       Placing Orders within the Store is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. Nonetheless, orders are shipped from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm excluding public holidays.

3.       The order execution time shall be understood as an indicative time frame during which the Order ought to be shipped to Customer. Most frequently, the Order is sent within 72-96 hours after accounting the payment.

4.       In exceptional cases, when concluding the agreement will prove impossible due to the fact that the ordered goods ran out of stock, the Seller will be sent information about the possibility to change the order or extend the order execution time until execution of the order will become possible. If the Customer decides to cancel the purchase or does not give a unambiguous stand on the presented proposal, order shall be cancelled and the amounts paid by the Ordering Party shall be immediately returned at the specified bank account or by any other preferred means of returning the payment.




1.       The Consumer (Ordering Party) who concluded a distance agreement can withdraw from the contract without providing a reason by submitting a convenient written statement within 14 days following the delivery of the ordered goods.  To comply with this deadline, the Consumer ought to send a statement before its expiry.  The model for the withdrawal statement shall be provided to the Ordering Party along with the product.

2.       In case of withdrawal, the agreement shall be considered unconcluded and the Ordering Party shall be released from any liabilities. If the Consumer made any advance payments, he is entitled to statutory interest from the date the advance payment was made. 

3.       The Consumer ought to return the goods immediately after submitting the withdrawal statement, however no later than within 14 days following the submission of the statement. The goods ought to be returned at the following address:

Teofilów S.A.

with registered office in Łódź (91-211) at Szparagowa Street 6/8


4.       The goods ought to be returned unchanged, unless making the change was necessary within the framework of ordinary handling. The Consumer (Ordering Party) shall make the return at his own cost – packages shipped on the basis of cash on delivery will not be accepted by the Seller.

5.       Upon receiving the statement of withdrawing from the agreement (attachment no. 2), the Seller shall immediately, however no later than within 14 days following the reception of the statement, return the amount paid by the Consumer (Ordering Party), including the costs of purchase, costs of shipment and any other potential costs that the Consumer had to incur in relation with the execution of the agreement. The Consumer (Ordering Party) ought to specify the bank account number or indicate any other means of returning the payment. In case of lack of such indication within the written withdrawal statement, the Seller shall immediately summon the Consumer (Ordering Party) to indicate the preferred means of returning the payment.

6.       The right to withdraw from the contract is not due to the Client in the cases specified in detail in art. 38 par. 1 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, i.e. with regard to contracts:


a) for the provision of services, if the entrepreneur has fully performed the service with the express consent of the consumer who was informed before the service begins that after the entrepreneur's performance will lose the right to withdraw from the contract;


b) in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations in the financial market, over which the entrepreneur has no control, and which may occur before the deadline to withdraw from the contract;


c) in which the object of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the consumer's specification or serving to satisfy his individual needs;


d) in which the subject of the benefit are things that after delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably connected with other things.




1.       The Seller shall be held responsible in the event of lack of conformity of the delivered goods pursuant to the rules specified in the Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code of 27th July 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 141, pos. 1176 as amended) and any other generally binding acts of law.

2.       Complaints resulting from the lack of conformity of the delivered goods with the agreement ought to be submitted at the following address:

Textile and Clothing Production Plant Teofilów S.A.

with registered office in Łódź (91-211) at Szparagowa Street 6/8


3.       The complaint form constitutes attachment 1 to hereby Terms and Conditions.

4.       In case of any doubt, we cordially encourage you to contact us at the e-mail address teonet@teofilow.com.pl or by phone: +48 691 696 682. We will be glad to provide you with advice as well as resolve your complaints in a quick and seamless manner.


1.     It is recommended to the Buyer to inspect the condition of the shipment in the presence of either postman or courier. In case the parcel shows signs of damage, we kindly request Buyers to inspect its content in the presence of either postman or courier and draft a damage report afterwards. This will be helpful for the recovery of claims relating to the parcel’s damages.

2.       In case the delivered parcel does not show any signs of damage, but its content is either damaged or incomplete, it is recommended to the Buyer to immediately notify the Seller on this and thus allow the Store to explain the situation.

3.       In case of delays in the parcel’s delivery caused by Poczta Polska or a Delivery Company, the Customer is asked to notify the Seller on this. The Seller shall take every effort in order to explain this situation and solve it. 


   XI.            FINAL PROVISIONS

1.       Hereby Terms and Conditions are available at www.ztkteofilowpiramida.pland shall bind the Online store following the day of launching the Store.

2.       In matters not regulated in hereby Terms and Conditions, relevant provisions of law shall be deemed applicable, especially the Act of 23rd April 1964 – Civil Code (Journal of Laws no. 16, pos. 93 as amended), provisions of Act of 30th May 2014 on Consumer's Rights  (Journal of Laws of 24th June 2014)

3.       In the event of litigation, any disputes resulting from the fulfillment of Sales Agreements concluded between Seller and Customer shall be resolved by a common court of competent jurisdiction and proper venue. The Seller hereby undertakes to take every effort in order to solve the disputes by amicable means.

Information, trademarks and photos of Goods available at the Store’s website are the property of Teofilów S.A. It is forbidden to copy, distribute and use them without the owner’s consent.